Keira’s Classic Corner 1-4-18

Everyone, meet Norma.

Norma is a 1954 Ford F-100 that I bought my husband last year. He and I had both been wanting a classic vehicle for several years, but he tended to gravitate more toward the old muscle cars like the 70’s era mustangs, while I have long held a love affair with the old trucks. When we came across this beauty, I didn’t hesitate. He has since come to love the old trucks almost as much as I do, though I’m sure if someone found him a 1967 Shelby Mustang GT500 fastback he wouldn’t say no (although our pocketbooks would!).

This era of Ford trucks included expanded cabs, new grilles, and longer hoods. Redesigned front and rear leaf springs provided improved ride comfort, and the front suspension was shifted back to allow for a tighter turning radius out in the field. A wider, more comfortable seat was added, and the front and rear windshields were enlarged. Dash switches were relocated to bring them within easier reach, and 00s were added in 1953, turning the F-1 into the F-100.

These trucks were built to be the workhorses of their day. Ford integrated comfort, a luxury at the time, as well as the ability to haul all day long without missing a beat. Norma’s ride may not be the most comfortable there is, after all, early shock absorbers were in their infancy (the bench seat bounces to absorb as much as it can as well), but we enjoy riding in her around town as much as our modern day vehicles.

She’s become a part of our family. I named her after a famous Hollywood movie star of the time as you may have already guessed. My husband continues to work on the engine, tweaking it to give it as much modern dependability as possible, without losing her classic charm. I hope to some day have an old truck of my own, but for now, sharing Norma will have to suffice.

I hope you enjoyed this month’s Classic show and tell. Join me next month for a 1966 Chevy truck that sparked Keira’s love affair with classics.



It’s all about the classics

It’s all about the classics…

When I decided Keira’s livelihood would come from owning a classic car shop, it was, in a sense, a way for me to live vicariously through her. I love classic cars. The way they looked, the simplicity of their designs before everything became electronic based. Functionality and beauty combined to work harmoniously in a package that was created to be a work horse, and last its owners years, even generations before having to be replaced.  Classic car and truck builders were artists and craftsmen whose reputations were on the line. In today’s throw it away every few years mentality, that’s just not so.

KNB Classics, Keira’s shop for those who don’t know, is my virtual playground since I can’t afford to own a bunch of old cars and trucks. I get to find old gems online through research, sometimes through my husband, and post what car or truck Keira has in the shop during different parts of the different books of the series. Some of that research involves finding and downloading pictures so I can see and almost feel the curves and soul of the car or truck I’m having Keira work on at that time.  It’s made my love of the old beauties even stronger than it already was.

And I’ve found, it isn’t just old cars. One of the things I love about Leo is that he has the refined tastes and money to own some very rare and exotic cars himself. In my current book I’m writing, he drives a Morgan Aero 8 roadster, which I had never heard of until I told my car guru husband I needed a cool car for Leo, and boy does it deliver. If you don’t know what one looks like, here’s a sneak peak.  What a gorgeous car, and one I can definitely see Leo driving.

Well that’s all for now, I better get back to writing.