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Up and Coming!

Welcome to Keira’s Classic Corner, where we’ll explore the fantastic world of classic cars and trucks America’s highways and byways were built for. If you’ve read my Keira Blackwater novels, you know Keira is a classic car mechanic who loves and adores old vehicles as well as antiques, which mirror my own, as well as my husband’s, passion. I get to live vicariously through her, so when you read about her fixing and restoring a fairly rare or unusual old car or truck, a lot of the times it’s because I fantasize about being able to find those vehicles myself, though in most cases, finances prevent me from doing so. Or, if I discover a new car I think is fascinating, you may see Keira working on it in her next adventure. I plan to pick a new classic vehicle and post pictures, as well as info, and any other tidbits I can find on the first Thursday of each month. I’ll also let you know if that vehicle holds any significance for Keira, or for my husband or myself. I may try to find a way to include the occasional giveaway during this series. Look for my first post tomorrow!

Paranormal legends and folklore will be a new mini-series as well, but I haven’t picked what day yet, so stay tuned to find out. Some exciting things coming your way in 2018, so don’t miss out. Subscribe to my blog at the bottom of my home page to stay up to date.