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Quick Update.

Hey guys, just a quick update. The edits and formatting for Blood for Blood are finally done. I can’t thank my editor Kristen Hamilton, of Kristen Corrects, enough for her help. I have launched my design contest for the book cover on 99designs, and will post it as soon as I have picked a winner. I don’t know about you, but I am so excited!! I’ll keep you posted on when I think the release date will be. Have a great day!

another chapter

Looking for a great book cover or website banner?

Over the past six months as my novel got closer and closer to completion, I started looking for someone to design my book cover. I checked out sights that offer premade book covers, designers that offer one-on-one services, high prices, low prices, prices that made me need oxygen…but nothing seemed to fit the bill for me. I wanted quality work, I wanted to be in control, but also allow creativity from the designer, and I wanted it to be something I could afford without taking out a second mortgage on my house.

Enter 99designs. I decided to host a contest through them to find my banner for my website for a nominal fee, before deciding if they would be the ones I shelled out a good bit more money (but still very reasonable compared with other sights I looked at) with the hopes of creating the perfect book cover for the novel I’ve poured my heart and soul into for four years. I created my account, filled out all the required information (the biggest tip I can give anyone wanting to have a design done through 99designs, is have an idea of what you want or don’t want, and really spell it out so the designers can hit it pretty close right out of the gate, and let them know where they can use their creativity), and launched my contest.

The initial round lasted four days where designers could submit their designs, and I ranked them based on how much I liked or disliked them. The designers and I worked back and forth making changes until I was pretty satisfied with what I had, then I chose my finalists (you can pick up to 6 designers). In the final round, which lasted three days, I requested any final tweaks I wanted, and then I picked my winners. You can award more than one winner if you pay another (slightly discounted) fee.

I loved them so much, I ended up picking three designs! I put one on my Facebook page, the one you see here on my website home page, and one for my Twitter page as soon as I can build it. I couldn’t have been more pleased. The price was just right, the designers (Noxal, Infinity Design, and Engelf) were awesome, polite, and professional. I even contacted customer service twice to ask questions, and the two people I online chatted with were great. The contest was easy to understand, it walked me through each step, and I never felt lost or didn’t know what I was supposed to do.

I would highly recommend 99designs to anyone. Go check it out, it’s pretty cool.