Death Maiden Teaser

I wanted to give everyone a small taste of what I’m currently working on (this is part of the rough draft, so it may change some when revised and published). This is from my first Death Maiden Novel. I’m very excited about where this story is going, and I love the characters (don’t worry, I’ve also begun book 2 of Keira’s story). Let me know what you think:

Jarko Knox shoved open the door of The Cauldron and stepped into the warm Oklahoma darkness that greeted him. The heavy steel door clanged against a Dumpster situated a little too close behind it, then swung shut, drowning out the laughter, yelling, and loud music that had become The Cauldron’s hallmark.

“Idiots,” he mumbled half-drunkenly. Hadn’t they learned by now only fools played flaming quarters with him? Jarko knew how to manipulate his craft better than any of the other witches, wizards, or warlocks that frequented the bar. He’d been there when they invented the game as a way to settle disputes peacefully, so he knew the rules intimately. Nowadays, they used it more as a way to flex their metaphysical muscles than anything else. A drunken bar game he had yet to lose. He loved it.

He kicked an empty beer can on the sidewalk with the toe of his boot and listened as it clinked and rolled off the concrete into the gutter. The street was empty this time of night, except for the two women that passed him on their way to The Cauldron. Witches perhaps, he couldn’t tell. Judging by the leather they wore and the twinkle in their eyes, they craved a little after work fun. Jarko smiled and tipped an imaginary hat to them, causing the two ladies to quicken their pace. Whether they guessed he was a warlock or not, they knew to avoid his kind: tall, dark, and menacing.


What I’m Up To…

WritingThe reviews of Blood Cure since its release have been wonderful. It’s so exciting to see something I have loved for six years, be loved by others. For everyone who has bought a copy and left a review, I say thank you.

As for what I’m doing now – I am prepping for my book launch tomorrow. Everything appears to be in order, but I will double check one more time this evening just in case. I have also been in contact with several independent bookstores in an effort to get Blood Cure into as many of them as possible. So far I have three for certain, and one I am waiting for them to get back with me. I am also hard at work on my first Death Maiden novel. I ran up against a wall on a certain part, but I think I have the kinks worked out now because the words are once again flowing. Once I get past this initial rush of release stuff with Blood Cure, I will post a little more about it.

For those of you who are following my blog, you will always be the first ones to get updates and see what’s new and exciting, as well as getting to read things I don’t post anywhere else. That’s it for now, enjoy whatever you’re reading!!



Throughout the entire writing process my family has been very supportive. I think in the beginning, some of them thought it was a passing faze, but when I announced a few months ago that it would actually be published, they all cheered and asked when could they buy it. My father, who I was afraid to tell what kind of books I wrote, has turned out to be one of my biggest fans.

When Keira first popped into my head, I knew she would be a human living in a world full of amazing creatures. I just had to figure out where she fit into everything. I knew I didn’t want her to be a damsel in distress, but could mostly take care of herself. And I knew I wanted her to have an animal that was her tattoo, but could also become real and fight by her side and be her closest friend and confidant. I achieved that with Rya, and I must say she is probably my favorite character. She’s smart, snarky, and loves Keira unconditionally. What more could you ask for in a partner? Then Sally and Sam came into the picture and I knew I had everything Keira needed to accomplish her ultimate goal, even though at the time, I wasn’t sure what that was. Now I do. Throw a vampire named Léonce Trevelyan into the mix, and well…you’ll have to read it to find out.

With Blood Cure’s official release day fast approaching, the thrill and excitement of it all makes me want it even more than I already did. I hope everyone who decides to purchase a copy loves reading about Keira, Sam, Sally, Rya and Leo as much as I have loved writing about them. The second Keira book, Blood for Blood is already started. I hope you enjoy!


Just finished reading…

I recently finished reading Frostbound by Sharon Ashwood, Book 4 in her Dark Forgotten series. I absolutely loved it. She effortlessly balances a great story, lovable characters, and romance. Lore is to die for, even if he is a hellhound. He’s loyal, takes care of his pack, protects the weak, and it doesn’t hurt that he’s hot. What more could you ask for? And Talia is every bit his equal. You want them to be together from the very beginning…or at least I did. I’ve read several stories where the two love interests just suddenly fall for each other, almost like the author was in a hurry to get that part over with, and it felt fake, but in this book it happens naturally. I highly recommend the whole Dark Forgotten series to anyone looking for wonderfully written urban fantasy with some romance tossed in to heat things up a bit.


Book Release Party

Book Release Party Announcement!

another chapter bookstoreIt’s official! I met with the PR lady, Jessica, at Another Chapter Bookstore in Owasso today and we have officially set the date and time for my release party. Blood Cure’s official release date is February 7th, and the release party will be held Saturday, February 11th at Another Chapter Bookstore from 11am until 4pm. Come on out and pick up a signed copy of Blood Cure, say hello, enjoy some refreshments from the coffee shop, and check out the bookstore. The address is 9455 N Owasso Expy, Owasso, OK 74055. It’s in the shopping center next to Cracker Barrel just a few doors down from Los Cabos Mexican restaurant. Come out, support a local author, and a local bookstore! It’ll be lots of fun!


Book Release News!

Book Release News!

Hey everyone! I’ve been working really hard on getting Blood Cure ready for release, and it’s almost completely ready to go. The release is scheduled for early February, and as soon as I know the date I’ll post it here.

Plus, I have some really good news…two of my local bookstores – Boarding House Books in Claremore and Another Chapter Bookstore in Owasso – have agreed to carry my books! For a first-time, self-published author this is HUGE!!! I can’t tell you how excited and nervous I am. I’m meeting with Another Chapter’s PR person next Saturday to discuss having a release party for Blood Cure with other local authors that would not only help me and the other authors get our names out there, but would also help the bookstore since they’ve only been open six months. When I know the date for the release party I’ll let you guys know in case anyone would like to come out and grab a copy or just stop by to say hi and cheer me on!

P. S. I’ll need all the support and cheering I can get!



Reading and Writing…

I just finished reading Green-Eyed Demon by Jaye Wells, the 3rd book in her Sabina Kane series. It’s a really good series so far. This book started off with some good action, but then slowed down quite a bit. It ended with a bang though! I love the sexual tension between Sabina and Adam, and Giguhl is the perfect side kick, even if he is a demon. If you haven’t tried this series, I would highly recommend it.

Right now I am reading Out for Blood by Kristen Painter, book 4 in her House of Comarre series. In my opinion, it is by far one of the best urban fantasy series out there. If you haven’t tried it yet, you are definitely missing out.

As for me, I am back at it after the hustle and bustle of the holidays. My proof copy of Blood Cure has been gone through twice now. My wonderful husband helped out by reading it to see if I missed anything, and sure enough, he caught something everyone else missed…even my editor didn’t catch it!! I’m double and triple checking everything and then it will be ready to release in early February. I’m so excited!

I am also working on my current project, Searching for Death – A Death Maiden novel. I’m diving back in to all the characters psyche and plowing forward…16,000 words and counting! So I’m off to write some more, just wanted to say hello and let everyone know what I’ve been up to. Enjoy whatever you’re reading. See you soon.


Quick Hello!

quill and inkI just wanted to say a quick hello to everyone, and I hope you had a wonderful Christmas! I love the holiday season, and look forward to it every year, but I’m always so glad when it’s finally over. The presents have been given, dinners have been cooked and eaten until we’re all so stuffed we can’t see our shoes! The family members have all gone home, and now it’s time to get back into writing. There never seems to be enough time to do it all! See you soon!



Book Reviews

To review, or not to review…that is the question.

writing As someone who has read books for years, I’ll admit I didn’t always leave a review. Sometimes I’d think I was too busy, and sometimes I just didn’t think about it at all. I figured, I purchased and read this author’s book, surely that’s enough. What else do they want from me?

But now that I am on the other side of the fence and will be published soon, I realize my mistake. Authors live and die so to speak by the words written in a review. A great review will most likely lead to other people purchasing the book and reading it, and a bad review can deter a lot of potential readers. Every book I read now gets a review from me.

I try to be honest and fair. I have to really dislike it to give it below a 4 star rating (I don’t think I’ve ever given a 1 or 2 star rating), and I never give away spoilers – if someone is reading my review to see if they want to read this particular book, why would I put in the major plot points or even the ending of the story as I’ve seen some people do…I just don’t get it.

A few things to keep in mind: If there was something you really didn’t like about the book, don’t rant it out in the review like you’re having a fight with your mother-in-law. Politely state what it is, and then maybe point out something you did like about the book. Remember, this author more than likely has spent years (I know I have) writing this book and getting it ready for publication, so it means an awful lot to them. Words really can cut like a knife. Put yourself in their shoes for the five or so minutes it takes you to leave a review. And if you just absolutely hate a book, perhaps it’s best not to leave a review at all. Remember, it’s called the Golden Rule for a reason.

So I say to you, please take the time to rate and review any books that you read, and do your best to be fair. Have a wonderful day, and enjoy whatever book you’re reading today!